Digital Readout for a 4×6 Bandsaw

The ubiquitous 4×6 bandsaw is one of the most-modded tools out there, but despite a lot of searching, I’d never seen someone fit a digital scale to one. Looking on eBay, I found a 12″ model for about $40 delivered, so I ordered one and knocked together a mount that easily replaces the stock stop setup. With the remote readout, it’s easy to grab a piece of stock and cut it to a precise length without having to find where you left your caliper or rule.

This is a pretty basic setup and I’ve already got some plans to improve on this, but as it is it’s a super-easy mod with a big payoff in efficiency. My cut pieces come out within .020″ or better of the set size, and the difference is likely due to the saw rather than the scale. I haven’t taken the time to fully re-align the guides on my saw because it worked well enough out of the box for my uses. If I need something closer than .020″, it goes on the milling machine or lathe.

I’ve prepared some drawings which you can download here. Before using them, I suggest taking some measurements on your saw. These saws are made by many manufacturers, and I don’t know how similar they are.

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