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Founded in 2013, Seaport Research and Development, LLC offers extremely cost-effective prototype and small-volume machining services for inventors, artists, and artisans.

Working from existing parts, drawings, or 3D CAD models, parts can be manufactured in aluminum, steel, brass, or a variety of plastics and other materials in quantities from just one to dozens. While typical parts we make would fit in a shoebox, if you can lift it with two hands, we’d definitely consider it.

While every part is unique, typical costs range from $25-$100 per part depending on quantity, complexity of features, and the amount of machining required.

Click here for examples of parts we’ve made!


  • 4-axis CNC milling up to 9×18″
  • 10×20″ turning
  • Solidworks-compatible 3D parametric modeling
  • 4-axis CAM programming

Get a Quote

Email for a fast quote. The more of the following items you include, the more accurate a quote I can make:

  • Drawings or model file(s): DXF, PDF, SLDPRT/ASM, IGES, or STEP are all good. If there are multiple parts, including the assembly helps to understand how it goes together and how tight tolerances need to be, which can reduce cost. All files are considered the intellectual property of the sender and are used solely for generating a quote.
  • Material callouts: For each part, specify what you’d like it to be made from. If you’re supplying the material, please note that. I don’t usually quote material costs separately, but can upon request.
  • Tolerances: We can easily make parts that are +/-.005″ on any feature, and can do +/-.001″ where and when needed. If you need more or less than that, let us know.
  • Quantity: Additional parts can often be made for a fraction of the cost of the first part.
  • Timeline: Typical turnaround time is a week or two. Please specify if you need it by a certain date or can wait longer–patience is often rewarded with a discount.

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